Keep fighting for your rights, even if potus and scotus make it illegal

I will always fight for my rights and for yours. I will proudly claim the title of American, not because I was born here, but because I understand and live to the essential principles it was founded on, even as my misleaders betray them. I will proudly call myself an individual, because it is true and indisputable. I will proudly call myself selfish, because it is morally and factually correct and allows me to live my life without sacrificing myself to others or others to myself.

I will not go with the flow, replace my own voice with that of the majority’s, assume that those in power have only good intentions, or cede this battle to any political party.

I will not quietly let the dirty statists in the White House or the Capitol Building or the bureaucratic cubicles or the lecture halls or the ivory towers or the newspaper editorial rooms or the occupy tents or the corporate meeting offices or the facebook chat boxes steal my life, liberty, and property. Nor will I fraternize or sympathize with them. They are my enemies.

I’ll keep living. I’ll keep making and saving money, even if that becomes illegal, and even if buying broccoli becomes law.

If this be treason, make the most of it.

America is dying. Long live America!

Share this if you want to live freely, rationally, and selfishly.
To those who do, thank you for everything you do for yourselves. $


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