Fighting the good fight in Boston

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Atlas Shrugged Part II TWICE, together with the New England Objectivist Society, the Greater Boston Objectivist Club, and Boston-area Students for Liberty groups. After both showings I handed out copies of Ayn Rand Samplers from the Ayn Rand Institute and met many great people who are fighting the good fight with me.

I emptied a box of 100 samplers. Some people were thrilled to get them. Some asked for extras. Some told their kids to get one.In one case, I offered copies to a group of what I think were high school girls, one of whom said “I don’t read”. The one next to her said, “I do, what’s it about?”. I responded “It’s about productive people trying to survive and enjoy their lives in a society that has turned against them and wants to limit them” (I didn’t want to get into the ‘consequences of bad ideas’ schpiel). The one who ‘doesn’t read’ then said, “I can actually relate to that, that’s the story of my life”. “Well you should consider reading it! Atlas Shrugged shows individuals struggling and persevering against collectivism and making the most out of life, and the movie does a great job of illustrating that”. “You know what, I think I WILL take one of those”.

In another case, a woman said “oh yes, absolutely” when I offered her a copy. I then asked her daughter if she wanted one, and she didn’t have a chance to respond because her mom said “Yes, she does.”

I met Objectivists who hadn’t known that there were others in Massachusetts – or anywhere. I met a Tea Partier who went on his own to hand out “Who is John Galt” stickers and shirts from after the movie. I met a group of students from some of our premier universities eager to find more rational people – they want to network people in New England and distribute materials from ARI and The Undercurrent!

The point is, it was a productive weekend, and the spiritual fuel is helpful. Some of you can surely appreciate the value of that, and maybe knowing that Rand’s world-changing ideas were promoted in Boston is spiritual fuel for you. Sometimes it helps to be reminded that we’re winning.

Who is John Galt?
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2 thoughts on “Fighting the good fight in Boston

  1. Ragnar Weskar says:

    How do find other objectivist in Boston, MA? I like to meet other objectivists. I’m quite excited. MA is such a socialist state.

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