Great article on “our heritage of independence”

In light of President Obama’s re-election, I recommend this article as a warning for the next four years.

“Simply put, voting for the likes of Obama, Warren, Tierney, etc., is to turn one’s back     on one’s heritage. They are hostile to freedom and maniacally eager to impose the edicts of a distant government on what remains of a free republic. Their actions, inactions, and the policies that they advocate are antithetical to the constitutional principles of limited government so nobly won by our forefathers, antithetical to the heritage of Massachusetts. They are more in line with the thinking that led Adams, Lodge, and the balance of unknown patriots to rebel and establish and maintain this republic. Voting for a new breed of tyrants is to squander what remains of a rich bequest. Why would anyone wish to do that?” – Matt May

Read more here.

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